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  • Tal electric rope TE of 200 g / p 2,0
Tal electric rope TE of 200 g / p 2,0
  • Tal electric rope TE of 200 g / p 2,0

Tal electric rope TE of 200 g / p 2,0

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Tal electric rope TE of 200 g / p 2,0 t
Tal electric rope is intended for rise, lowering and horizontal movement of the load along the suspended monorail way in placements and on open
platforms under the canopy.

Management — push-button from the floor.

Technical features:

1. Availability of two brakes (electromagnetic kolodochny and mechanical cargo persistent).
2. Operation at the temperature: from - 20C to + 40C.
By request of the consumer tal it can be made:
1. For operation at the temperature from - 40C to + 40C.
2. With rise height to 50 m.
3. With two speeds of rise.
4. With the cross arrangement of the mechanism of movement.
5. With the increased degree of protection of covers of electric equipment
IP 54 for roofing felts with height of raising of 6,3 m and 12,5 m.
6. With the chastotnoreguliruyemy drive of movement.
7. With the device of smooth start-up and braking on the movement mechanism.
8. With the loading capacity limiter.
9. With the brake on the movement mechanism.
10. With the puskoreguliruyushchy equipment of the French company "Sneijder Elektrik".
11. With radio control.
Loading capacity 2 t
Speed of rise, m/min (m/s) 4 (0,06)
Speed of movement, m/min (m/s) 24 (0,4)
Monorail way —
dvutavrovy beams in accordance with GOST 19425
Group of the operating mode in accordance with GOST 25835 3M
Designation of the waist Height
to rises
Sizes of the waist, mm Established
power, kW
ways, m
The greatest
loading on
wheel, kN
Mass of the waist, kg
L L1
6,3 640 762 1,7+0,18 Way of the straight line 7,0 213
12,5 966 1088 237
20 1362 1484 301
Shipping method
Payment method
Type of drive:Electric
Type of traction mechanism:Cable
Information is up-to-date: 16.11.2018

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